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Our core approach is focused on selecting lasting businesses - not mutual fund managers. We study each company's revenue growth, management style, dividend-paying history, earnings, moat, and competitive advantage. We follow a sound, systematic, and disciplined investment strategy without taking unnecessary risks. Many of our portfolios include individual securities, bonds, and ETFs, though occasionally we also utilize low-cost mutual funds, REITs, and limited partnerships.

We manage our clients' accounts in-house rather than turning them over to third-party managers. We don't charge commissions or apply trading charges, instead preferring a transparent and potentially tax-deductible asset management fee.

All investments involve risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss. Securities and strategies mentioned may not be suitable for all investors.

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  • A retirement planning conversation start with a desired future income needed to fund your retirement lifestyle
  • We then separate all expenses into fixed or discretionary buckets - a comprehensive plan must include strategies for each of these buckets
  • a comprehensive plan must also account for anything that can interfere with its success - market reliance, sequence of returns, tax liability, interest rate changes, and unforeseen catastrophic events
  • We will help you understand whether you should roll over your company 401k (or other retirement plan) into an IRA, the difference between Traditional and ROTH IRA accounts, how retirement assets are passed to non-spousal beneficiaries, any many other important considerations
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  • 401(k) and Other Qualified Plan Setup and Maintenance
  • Simple and SEP IRAs
  • Buy/Sell Strategies and Key-Person Planning
  • Comprehensive Risk Management
  • Tax Planning
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Were you affected by the April 2016 changes? Are you grandfathered in for several eliminated benefits? Have you maximized your benefits? Our Social Security seminar will discuss the strategies currently in place to maximize your benefit. They include: Deemed filing rules, Restricted Application for Spousal Benefits Only, Voluntary Suspension rules, including the file and suspend strategy, withdrawal of application, and other pertinent information that may work to your advantage.

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Assistance with completing all financial aid forms to maximize your child's eligibility for financial aid

  • Understanding FAFSA vs CSS Profile rules can influence planning strategies
  • Both FAFSA and CSS Profile are now based on tax information from two years prior
  • Filing for financial aid is required annually to reflect changes in family finances (inheritance, retirement, job loss, marriage or divorce, sale of property or business, new sources of income)
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