Our Firm

Experienced long-term portfolio management, proper asset allocation, risk mitigation, cost control, and defensive tax planning are all key elements of a prosperous investment strategy, and so is the understanding that an investment portfolio is only one part of a complete financial plan.

Partnering with an experienced professional involves a comprehensive process that focuses on:

  • Accumulation: pursuing asset growth while mitigating risk
  • Retirement income planning: enhancing distribution through minimizing taxes and reducing  portfolio reliance rates
  • College planning: saving for college while tackling other needs
  • Risk management: preserving your assets
  • Special needs planning: providing for a secure financial future for families with special needs
  • Divorce planning: making good long-term decision during a difficult time
  • Debt management: developing sustainable strategies for controlling and eliminating debt
  • Estate planning: preserving and transferring your wealth
  • Taxation: plan to minimize the tax burden for you and your heirs
  • Long-term care planning

Every new client relationship starts with a conversation - a snapshot of what has been done so far.   One of Irina’s strengths that further sets her apart is her ability to make people feel comfortable sharing even their most sensitive concerns. She is a firm believer that creating a sustainable financial plan requires an honest discussion about finances, values, goals, and potential obstacles – a true risk management plan, designed to seek growth, preservation, flexibility, and predictable outcomes.